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Juiced Co was founded in 2014.

In today’s world we are spoilt for choice when it comes to quick solutions; however we believe that we need long term sustainable choices, which are simple, convenient and allow everyone to live the best life that they can.

It is on the basis of this belief that Juiced Co was formed. Our aim is to keep it simple, to cut through the confusion of trends and the newest fads and revert to what it is to be healthy: To provide the most natural and effective option for one’s body to function at its optimal level.
We help give people the energy to tackle day to day life in the most natural form. We have gone back to our roots. This isn’t a revolutionary concept, but it seems that as we have moved towards making the world more connected, we have lost sight of the essential basics.

We are committed to keeping it simple and easy for you to live the balanced and healthy life we all need and want but often don’t have the time to do for ourselves.

We encourage you to love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

Why is my juice separated? Is it spoiled?
The appearance of Juiced is all natural; We do not filter, preserve or add any fillers. Separation is natural and, as long as the juice is within the ‘drink by’ date and refrigerated properly, a two-tone juice does not indicate spoilage. Always refrigerate your juice, shake before consuming, and enjoy on or before the ‘drink by’ date.

Do I have to refrigerate my juice?
Absolutely. Straight away. Juiced is highly perishable and must be refrigerated at all times when not being consumed.
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