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All of our Juiced Co cleanses are well balanced, nutrient-rich and are a great way to kick start a healthy diet.

Feel Better. Think Better. Look Better.

You will receive the following in your cleanse pack:

A detailed schedule with directions on what to drink and when.
A daily apple and ginger shot.
One herbal tea per day.
All juices, soups and smoothies (where applicable).
As our products contain no stabilisers, additives or preservatives, they have a very short.
shelf life. With this in mind, you will receive your package frozen. In preparation for your.
cleanse, you need to take out your following day’s products the night before and allow.
them to defrost overnight.

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1 Day, 3 Days, 5 Days, 7 Days, 10 Days

6 reviews for Juice & Soup Cleanse

  1. Pascale

    I have done the 3 day juice and soup cleanse twice and thought it was really good. I found it a lot better than the pure juice cleanse because of the savoury soups for lunch and dinner breaking the relative sweetness of the juices. I was able to exercise throughout the cleanse without any weakness or dizziness and never felt very hungry. I felt really detoxed and healthy after.

  2. Kelly Cameron

    I bought the juice and soup cleanse on sale last year. The juices and soups came prepacked, ready frozen with an easy to use daily schedule and friendly introduction letter, outlining simple questions. The warm ‘meals’ for lunch and dinner were life changing and small habits have stuck in place. I now drink lemon water every morning! This cleanse has really helped revive and renew me! Thank you Juiced Co!

  3. Sharima

    I started the 3 day juice and soup detox on Monday (29/08/16). I was proud of myself cos I actually stuck to it. This was mainly due to the tastiness of the soups that are included in the cleanse…I was worried that it wasn’t going to taste well so was pleasantly surprised. Will definitely do it again.

  4. joubert_c

    Words cant explain how happy I am with the results from my 5 day juice cleanse. No more bloat and I feel amazing. The juices and soups taste so yummy omw! I was never hungry and I was able to go to the gym and do some light workouts. Thank you very much for the wonderful service Joy you have a customer for life! 🙂

  5. Jennifer

    I bought the 10-day juice and soup cleanse and have split it over 2 weeks (5 days on, and 2 days off). Although cleansing was definitely part of the plan, I mainly wanted to try and wean myself off wheat and dairy and see if this made a difference to my general health. I found the cleanse with the soups very easy to stick to and feel great after my first 5 day stretch. My husband also joined me for soups in the evening (and apple n ginger shots in the morning which are our FAVE) and was perfectly happy, especially after I added a few extras to his, like grated cheese, croutons etc. It just makes it easier as you’re not preparing totally different food. Looking forward to see how I feel after this week!

  6. Michele

    Dylan is so helpful . what a pleasure .. all my questions answered no problem

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